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i invented the safety dance.

the last thing i would ever want to do is hurt someone. it is even more painful when the hurt ensued is indirectly casted upon them. i, most definitely, am not perfect. a perfect person would be able to find a way to not hurt anyone. there has to be a way....yep, definitely not perfect.

i hate not having anything to say. it makes me feel like i have nothing to think about...which is bullshit. i hate, even more, having so much to say, but being afraid to write it within livejournal, because as we all know, nothing is sacred in here. people read in our journals and make the ridiculous assumption that we want to talk about what's in here...guess what? that's why we write in here. at least me. i write in here for me, not for an audience. sure, i love to have feedback on what i wrote, but i only wish people could see what is obviously okay to chit-chat about and what should be left alone...because as much as some of us say nothing in here will affect them upon reading what lies within, we all know that's fucking bullshit...myself included. i have so fucking much to say, yet i feel i cannot say it without hurting someone. fuck. i feel like i am going to fucking explode...well, not really. i have kept shit in al my life. a few more decades won't hurt me. as long as no one gets hurt.
i love my new tattoo. i think it looks really neat. i love my stupid ability to change subjects from meaningful to trite as michael j. fox. i feel like suck a bitch.
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