joshua (joshuaevan) wrote,

i can't remeber if i already stole this...

Ten bands/artists you couldn't live without:
[1] alkaline trio
[2] the shins
[3] the clash
[4] smoking popes
[5] the lawrence arms
[6] b.b. king
[7] the descendents
[8] the pogues
[9] jawbreaker
[10]stiff little fingers

Nine albums that are important to you:
[1] broken star/the broadways
[2] the light at the end of the tunnel/the damned
[3] maybe i'll catch fire/alkaline trio
[4] somery/the descendents
[5] essential clash
[6] essential pogues
[7] that much further west/lucero
[8] standing on a beach/the cure
[9] born to lose/smoking popes

Eight movies you'd watch over and over:
[1] my best friends wedding
[2] boondock saints
[3] pee wee's big adventure
[4] the big lebowski
[5] silverado
[6] the changling
[7] still crazy
[8] ghost shell

Seven things that annoy you:
[1] dishonesty
[2] girls basketball practice running late
[3] girls that say "like" after every word
[4] jobs
[5] raking
[6] poverty
[7] pretending to give a shit

Five TV shows you watch regularly:
[1] queer eye for the straight guy
[2] law & order
[3] Forensic Files
[4] csi
[5] cold case files

Three albums you've bought recently:
[1] the shins/a chute to narrow
[2] essential otis redding
[3] misfits/collection II

Two Artists you would like to do the NASTY with:
[1] they're
[2] dirty

One Band [or Artist] whos music has would be described as writing the soundtrack of your life
[1] the smoking popes

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