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new kicks, hot lixx, and editorial tricks...

my new shoes came in today. ash bought me the duane peters vision streetwear hightops...they are red and black and pretty and skully and i am excited. i like them a whole lot.
i may have k post a picture of them, as they are so damned rockin'.
i felt really high today, and no, i wasn't at all partaking of the 'wake & bake' scene. i just felt a bit out of it. my classmates noticed as well. so it goes...
i don't want to be at work tonight. i don't want to be at work at all lately. i feel totally burnt out. i am looking forward to thanksgiving break, when i can i will have a bit of homework to do, but at least i'll have fice consecutive days off of work and school. in less than a month, fall semester will be over. i just hope the weather holds until after the break. i plan to get high, hit the road, hang out at the metro coffee house until my mother gets off work, and then let the relaxation and pampering begin. i am so fucking excited. this week is taking for fucking ever though. and every goddamn night there is something going on at dunn. i can't wait until this place is nothing more than a memory and the occasional segway to the 'times we have ahead' talks. this place isn't so bad, but i am sick of cleaning up after 400+ kids and 20-30 administrators every night. the only people i look forward to hanging with are my two 7 year old friends, darby and rhone. they are the sweetest little girls in the world. i will have to post pictures of us all sometime...if i can ever figure out how to do that.
i just want to feel like a grown up. the only way i feel like that now is by being bitter and desensitized...and i'm only 24, with the quarter of a century mark rapidly approaching.

i wonder if that steam pipe overhead can take my weight?
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