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"there's a hope in my head that's been cut and bled, dry as your bloodshot eyes."

i am feeling a bit disconnected today. the wind doesn't help. it makes me feel like i am back living in casper. eeewww... i am so excited to go home next week for thanksgiving break. i haven't been home in so fucking long. hanging with my cousin, janel, and my uncle randy is so much fun. all we do is talk shit...but in the witty, dark humor kinda way. i hear that my family is pretty excited about me going to law school, but they still are going to give me shit...guaranteed.
i need a break. it doesn't seem like i am studying enough, yet it is all that i do anymore. saturday was the first time i went to a party in a fucking cooz' age. it was a pink & black party at this guy, manuel's, house. i wore my black suit and a pink shirt, fashionably untucked and tieless...ashley wore a black skirt and a new pink sweater. we looked pretty cool. the party was for the interior design department goers of csu, and a few miscellaneous other people showed up...including an old friend from casper, tate. the climax of the night came when tate did what he always does, frightens the hell out of people that don't know him with a witty, disgusting comment. it went a little something like this, "i am gonna grab on to that girl's ass and stick my tongue so far up her puckered starfish and carve my initials on tomorrow's turd." genious, sheer genious.
a new low, even for tate...but it should always be expected.

it was good to see people again, even if i didn't know them or they downright disgusted me. it's only going to get worse, but next semester is gonna be pretty great, i think. a little less stressful.
this journal is one of the only facets i utilize for communication, so if you have something to say, no matter how trivial, say's nice to get to interact.

keep on rockin'
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