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"why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near..."

it feels kind of weird, being engaged...
not weird in a bad way, just different in a good way. ash's parents seem stoked, and so does my family. ash's brother seem excited as well. friends and family are happy, at least it seems that way. we aren't going to set a date yet...we both have a fuck-ton of school left. ash is done in two years, and then i'll start law school and teach at D. U. who ever would have thought me and law school in the same sentence?
karrah is moving out. she and ash just weren't meant to live together. sucks, but doesn'
someone stole a christmas present for me that ash bought. it was the motley crue box set. no one will comfess. three roommates weren't even there, and itrust them all. it had to be a friend of their's. yet no one gives a shit. gotta love human nature, right? fuckin' asshole motherfuckers.
scottie paid for me to get some ink the morning of the day i left. i got the law logo with the old school scales on it, and "justitia"and "omnibus" written above and below it. it is on the back of my forearm, and it is fucking huge...iy takes up half of my arm. AWESOME!! thanks scottie.

take it easy, keep on rockin'.
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