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i just want to rock...i mean, sleep...NO!! I WANNA ROCK!! then sleep like a motherfucker.

ashley, kim and myself went to see the shins last night in d-town. needless to say, they were fucking amazing. they are one of those bands that are so much better live than on cd. the opening bands were dressy bessy and broadcast oblivion, (which the bass/guitar player for the shins was the singer for.) broadcast was okay, but bessy was fucking cool. it was a good time.
i ate lamb shanks for the first time at a place called jerusalem, and it grossed ashley out how much kim and i liked it. of course we fucked with her a was our immoral obligation.
we made it home just in time to drop kim off at the surfside for last call, and then ash and i went home to crash. i couldn't fall asleep, but it wasn't so bad. it felt nice just to lay in bed with her. the cold made it so that together under the covers, it felt perfect...or "dreamy" if you will. it was like a daydream, even though it was 2 a.m..
the semester is almost over, thank God. it has been a tough one. for some reason school has started to seem easy, but my math class is really challenging me. i don't think, in fact i know, that i haven't given it my best...which always makes me wonder. if i did give itmy best, what could i accomplish? hmm...quite the quandry. i want to go to law school, which doesn't allow much room for slacking off. the way i figure, i'll need a full time job...8 hour days, then ful time school, another 8 hours, and full time that literally takes up my entire day and night. who needs sleep anyway? all right, all right...i do. i am such a tired bastard these days. i am really looking forward to thanksgiving break. no fort collins, family, and old friends. should be a good time to relax.
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